As of my last update in January 2022, Doylestown Pump Track in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is an innovative outdoor recreation space designed for cyclists of all skill levels. This pump track offers a continuous loop of dirt berms and rollers where riders can practice their skills, increase their speed, and improve their bike-handling techniques. Unlike traditional mountain biking trails or BMX courses, the unique feature of a pump track is that you don’t pedal around the course; instead, you “pump” your bike by using your body’s movements to generate momentum. This provides both a fun experience and a rigorous workout.

The Doylestown Pump Track is a community asset, often teeming with kids, teens, and adults who share a passion for biking. With its well-maintained condition and thoughtful design, the track has been conducive to learning and mastering the art of pump tracking for locals and visitors alike. Safety is a priority, and riders are advised to wear proper protective gear, including helmets, while riding.

Community involvement has been crucial in the development and upkeep of this recreational facility. From planning to construction to ongoing maintenance, volunteers and community members have poured in time and resources to make this track a premier biking destination. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the Doylestown Pump Track offers a dynamic environment for honing your skills and enjoying the great outdoors.

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