Professional Tree Cabling and Bracing with Advanced Tree Care

Nestled in North Wales, Pennsylvania, Advanced Tree Care stands out as the epitome of excellence in tree cabling and bracing. With a storied history that stretches back to 2001, we’ve fortified countless trees, ensuring they remain strong, stable, and majestic.

Strengthen and Protect Your Trees with Expert Cabling & Bracing Techniques

Trees, much like any other living entity, sometimes require additional support to flourish. Be it due to structural weaknesses, environmental stresses, or simply the weight of their own growth, trees can benefit immensely from expert cabling and bracing. Advanced Tree Care employs tried and tested techniques, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment designed to minimize property damage. Our approach not only lends strength to your trees but also ensures they continue to grow in the right direction.

Why Choose Advanced Tree Care for Your Cabling Needs?

Our difference is rooted in our commitment. Advanced Tree Care isn’t just a service; it’s a team of dedicated long-term employees who bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. We’ve faced an array of tree challenges over the decades, ensuring that there’s hardly a scenario we haven’t encountered. This isn’t just a job for us — every tree we cable and brace, we do so with the assurance of “We’ve seen this before, and we’re not learning on your job


When it’s about ensuring the longevity and stability of your trees, the choice is clear. Advanced Tree Care brings the promise of expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to every project. Ready to give your trees the fortified future they deserve? Reach out to us today and witness the pinnacle of professional tree cabling and bracing.